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Wrestling Headgear

Wrestling headgear protects the ears of the wrestler rather than his head as the name suggest. So, the headgears are also called ear guards in popular terms. The headgear protects more than what meets the normal eye. It protects the ears and chins of the fighters and enables them to concentrate more on the game. The headgears are specially made to protect the fighter from any fatal or long term injury. Because of its nature, the game inflicts a lot of damage to the wrestler’s ears causing internal haemorrhage.

The wrestling headgears are made from high quality polymer shell included with energy high quality shock absorbing coated foam. The advantageously placed EVA pads help the ears to get complete protecting. The headgears are very lightweight to give the wrestler flexibility in the game. The gear can be fitted using the adjustable straps. These technically designed headgears facilitate airflow from the designed holes so that the wrestler can hear the coach or referee clearly.  The chin guard protects the chin from the opponent’s punches. The wrestling headgear is available in different sizes and designs to cater to professional as well as amateur wrestlers.

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