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Wrestling Gloves

Every aspect of a gear is important in a sport but at times there are some products that one cannot do without if one wants to excel. If you are a wrestler or learning this heavy duty sport then you know the important of the wrestling gloves in beating your opponent. Gloves happen to be the most important gear in wrestling since they not only protect your hands but also help you perform better. They are found in different styles, shapes, sizes and colors since a wrestler can have multiple pairs of gloves that he uses for different situations.

The two most popular options are the fingerless gloves and the full finger gloves. These are mainly made up of leather and are designed to help the wrestler gets a good grip on his opponent. These wrestling gloves also offer extra cushion so that they can protect the wrestler’s hands from sprains or even minor fractures. A wrestler who uses fingerless gloves, also known as grappling gloves, gets extra support on their palms along with a better grip. Apart from wrestling these gloves are also used in other MMA sports like Muay Thai or Karate.  

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