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Throwing Stars

Those who think that karate is all about focus, moves and great kicks obviously haven’t watched the classic martial arts movies too closely. This discipline is as much about the moves, mind control as it is about wielding the weapon well. Among the popular karate weapons, the Throwing Stars make for the most sought after purchases the world over. Also known as the shuriken throwing blade, this weapon has been an important ninja fighting arsenal since ancient times. In fact, for a long time these were used only by select ninja families of feudal Japan and were kept as a closely guarded secret that few about.

Understandably they provided the user with a definite advantage over the opponent who knew nothing about these flying blades that were carefully crafted out of thin hammered steel. They were used suddenly and fast at ninja speed, and could well bring one down to see stars with the injury they caused which is why the name Throwing Stars is so appropriate. At MMASTOP you will get both the star-shaped and spike-shaped designs both of which make great accessory for the skilled professional or practitioner of the discipline. They range from the cross-shaped, four to even ten pointed configurations.

The length of the spike shaped one differed as per the need of the user and in both designs one could get variation that ranged from triangular, hexagonal or pentagonal shapes to the swastika styles. It is believed that the star-shaped Throwing Stars offer more versatility to the user and are easier to use. Whichever style you need and choose, you will only get the best from MMASTOP. These are made from the highest quality materials and crafted with precision control methods that ensure a perfect make and finish. What’s more these quality products can be bought at extremely affordable prices offering absolute value for money.