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Taekwondo Sparring Gear

Getting ready for a competition or just the weekly sparring class? Taekwondo is a full contact sport, with kicks and legs flying all over the place. It’s a smart idea to completely gear up. Whether you want to buy just single pieces of your sparring set up, or buy the entire package. MMA stop has a great selection for you to choose from. Pick from the minimal sparring gear set ups for maximum maneuverability. Or purchase a sparring set with more protection and coverage. Sparring gear normally consists of head gear, mouth piece, chest guard, gloves, shin guard and more. Just ask our friends, you don’t’ want to skimp and cheap out on important things like mouth guards. If you skimp out on a mouth guard and get kicked in the mouth, we’re pretty sure the mouth guard would have cost less than the eventual dental visit.

Purchase a set or just add in single items, regardless, shopping with MMA stop is effortless. Rely on our award winning customer service team and selection of top end products to protect you when you go up against the dreaded black belt. Choose from brands like Adidas, Macho, Sprinter, and Top Ten. Put together a sparring sets that’ll match. Regardless of your budget, we’ll have something that’ll fit your needs. Shop with peace of mind when you come through with our industry standard warranty coverage and return policies, making sure you’re sparring and satisfied is one of our main concerns. Personally, Here at MMA stop. We’re biased toward Adidas, in terms of using their products and uniforms, as it is quite commonly the standard amongst TKD practitioners.