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Taekwondo Fightwear

Taekwondo uniformsare essential fightwear for taekwondo and key to the user’s comfort. Traditional taekwondo gear consists of a V-neck uniform usually in white which comes in various styles and can be both light weight or heavier. But modern day schools also opt for various solid colors to distinguish themselves from other schools. At times, some opt for neutral shades with collared V-necks in solid colors to showcase a Jr. Black Belt or have folded designs to honor Hwang Kee and his school. These mostly have cotton and polyester blend and at times come with a pullover jacket over the collar. They come with an elastic waistband and a free white belt and offer a classic look every time.

Your taekwondo fightwear is incomplete without the right taekwondo gloves. These are essential to all combat sports but come with special features for every sport as well. Made from 100% leather, thee gloves have plastic trauma plates underneath to protect the metacarpals and thumb from shock damage during a fight and even during training. The state of the art gloves offered by MMASTOP have an open palm design which offers great sensitivity for weapons and allows easy transition to detainee handling. At times they also come as leather and vinyl combo with vented knitted fabric for extra comfort. The padded setting offers a lot of comfort for the hands while the hook and loop allows for better fit and intact wrist closure.

Finally you need the appropriate taekwondo belts to complete your taekwondo fightwear. Each belt signifies the rank, expertise and competence of the student while the progression of colors signifies their growth, accomplishment and success in this journey. The various colors are white, orange, yellow, camouflage, green, purple, blue, brown, red and finally black. Depending on the school, there may be a transitional red/black phase for some before the final black stage arrives.