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Taekwondo Chest Guards

What happens when you get set up to spar against a black belt? You put on your chest guard and make sure it’s on tight. Make sure you get a quality grade chest guard, with the top brands like Adidas, platinum and other brands, Need help making a tough decision on which one to buy? Send us a chat message, we’ll give you the breakdown on the best to buy everything. Make sure to refer to our sizing charts and videos in order to choose the right sized chest guard for you, other companies don’t provide the expertise for this type of service. However, since we’re all martial arts experts at MMA stop, we know it’s very important to pick the right fitting chest guard with correct coverage.

Ill fitting protection gear is as good as having no gear at all. If you were to ask us, we would honestly advise and say that Adidas makes some of the best chest pads, however that Top Ten comes very close. Remember that you don’t want too soft of a chest protector as it’ll allow the kicks to go through. General idea is to have a nice hard chest protector as it will spread the energy of the kick and not let you feel it.  Just imagine the ferocity of Anderson Silvas leg kicks coming down on your chest piece. You don’t want to really skimp out now do you?