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Taekwondo Breaking Boards

We all been through this part. We know when it’s time for promotion, you have to practice those high kicks and jumping roundhouse kicks. Make sure you land your kick on target and save yourself some embarrassment. Buy some breaking boards to practice with first. In Taekwondo, board breaking is pretty much a rite of passage. Whether you choose to go the easy route and pick the .5” boards to break, or want to put on a big show for your black belt ceremony with thicker boards. We have the right selection of breaking boards for you. Pick out the right style and width of breaking board with our huge selection of actual wood boards, but if you don’t want to risk splinters and deal with the cleanup of wood.

We also have the latest reusable breaking boards. One of the latest things on the market, these breaking boards feel and break away just like the real thing. Appeal to the environmentalist in your TKD School and feel no guilt when you break these boards. Don’t forget to order extra boards, you never know if you might not get it right on the first try, so it won’t hurt to have extras just in case. You can also consult one of our customer service experts and they’ll be able to recommend the best boards for your needs.