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Taekwondo Accessories

Martial arts wallet – These are by far the most popular products in this category and are available for all ages and genders. From the sleek black wallets embroidered with taekwondosigns, particular logos or a favorite affiliation there is a design for everybody to enjoy. Made from 100% genuine leather or other materials like sturdy PVC, they come with Velcro sealing pocket and closure. They have multiple pockets to store business and other cards as well as a billfold for money. You can even get them gift wrapped if you are buying them for a friend or a dear one.

Taekwondokey chains – Key chains make for great taekwondo accessories and are among the highest sold items in the industry today. The reason is simple – they are small and handy and are the cheapest products to help one advocate his or her passion for this combat sport. Among these, the most in demand items are the break point key chains which are available in white, blue, purple, brown and black and come with 5 inches X 2 inches dimensions; the miniature boxing glove key chain or the MMA glove key chain which is available in black, blue, red and pink and often comes with lace or chain links.

Apart from these there are other favorites like the metal lapel badges that are crafted out of various metals like zinc alloy or brass, bronze and even silver depending on the need of the user. Some of the most affordable and high selling ones are the fashion enamel pin badge which make great gifts and souvenir items and are also decorative badges to honor promotion through the ranks. Young taekwondostudents can opt for taekwondo accessories like taekwondokid figurine and water bottles to demonstrate their love and dedication for the discipline.