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The discipline evolved over time through the various eras of Korean history and the developments of each age got entwined in this combat form. Early history shows that Korean peninsula was divided into three kingdoms, Paekje, Koguryo and Silla, which were constantly at war with each other. Therefore, they were always on the lookout for new techniques and fighting stances that will give them an edge over the others. It is believed that these combat forms were probably the first foundations for modern day Taekwondo. With the advent of new ages and new dynasties these techniques got further enhanced. Down the ages, it also got influenced by Japanese combat arts which added further finesse to the sport. The focus on pressure points and grappling self-defense techniques are some of the techniques that have been influenced by other martial art forms. While traditional taekwondo refers to the martial art, sport taekwondo puts more emphasis on speed and competition. In general terms however, both disciplines include kicks and punches thrown from a mobile stance and the training involves throws, joint locks, take-downs or sweeps.

Now that you know what is expected in a combat sport like taekwondo you should be prepared for every training session and match with perfect gear at hand. There are various things that make a taekwondo professional successful and the right gear makes it to the top of the list with practice. You will find this right gear from the wide range of taekwondo gear which consists of fightwear, clothing and accessories. Taekwondo fightwear includes special taekwondo uniforms, gloves and belts. As the term suggests, these are objects that will help you fight better and also help set your profile in the arena. The uniforms are made from special materials that provide comfort and convenience at the same time while the protective gloves prevent hands and fists from damage.

Taekwondo clothing includes a wide range of options like T-shirts and tops, hoodies and jackets and special taekwondo shoes. They are used in training sessions to enable trainees perform better and are often used as inner wear or add-ons for tournaments as well. Protective taekwondo gear includes items like head and chest guards, foot and groin guards as well as shin pads. Use of these prevents accidents and unnecessary damage to the body and in turn allows professionals to make their moves without worry. When it comes to accessories you can choose from branded bags and martial art wallets, lapel badges and key chains, kid figurines and water bottles to help you profess your love for the sport.