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Muay Thai Trunks

With our extensive line of Muay Thai trunks, you can train and compete in complete comfort and style. Featuring ample space in the leg, these trunks ensure that you have maximum freedom of movement while performing knee strikes and kicking. Our shorts are ideal for competing as well as training.

Whether you are a seasoned Muay Thai fighter or you are just starting out, you will find these trunks to be just what you need. They are an essential for many Muay Thai fighter. Our trunks are constructed of only the highest quality materials to ensure they are able to hold up to the test of time and even the most intensive fighting. We offer a variety of sizes to ensure you find the trunks that are just right for your needs.

From just going to the gym to do some bag work or whether you are heading out to class to perfect your moves, these high quality Muay Thai shorts will give you the support that you need.

As the official style of trunks worn my Muay Thai fighters throughout Thailand, these trunks are specifically designed to help you perfect your moves. Unlike trunks that are more common in other forms of martial arts, these trunks feature a shorter design for complete functionality. Trunks that are too low can restrict your range of movement. As a Muay Thai fighter, when you kick, it is imperative to ensure that there are no impairments. Muay Thai trunks that hang down too low could potentially hinder your kicks and restrict the movement of your knees, thus reducing your power and slowing down your fight. With our quality Muay Thai trunks, you will have no such problems.

Choose from a variety of designs to find the trunks that are ideal for your personal style.