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Muay Thai Head Bands

Muay Thai is stepped in tradition and history. Among those traditions are Muay Thai head bands. Over the years, head bands have evolved significantly, but one thing that has remained the same is the element of good luck that is associated with the use of these head bands.

Also known as a Mongkon or Mongkol, Muay Thai head bands are as old as the sport itself. In the past, these head bands were crafted from strips of cloth that were taken from the clothing of the fighter's mother. Head bands have also been traditionally created from strips of rope, silk, and thread. There are many superstitions and traditions associated with Muay Thai head bands, including the fact that they should never touch the ground. Talismans were also frequently wrapped in the head bands to ward off the risk for injury and to provide fighters with good luck.

Historically, Muay Thai head bands would be presented to a fighter by his instructor when he feels that the fighter has trained well and is ready to fight. Often blessed first by a priest, head bands are placed on the fighter's head by his instructor prior to the opening ceremony as a form of respect and then are removed by the instructor prior to the beginning of the actual fight.

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