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Muay Thai Hand Wraps

As an intensive combat sport, Muay Thai can be extremely hard on various parts of the body, including the hands. Muay Thai hand wraps are designed to protect your hands and are considered to be one of a fighter's most important tools. When your hands are properly wrapped, you can be assured that the tendons, muscles, and bones in your wrists and hands are properly protected.

We are pleased to carry an extensive inventory of high quality Muay Thai hand wraps. Whether you are training with a bag or in a hard-hitting sparring session, our wraps will keep your hands protected. Hand wraps typically range in size from 70 inches to 180 inches and features a ring at one end that is used for slipping over the thumb and beginning the hand wrap.

Our line of Muay Thai hand wraps is constructed of high quality materials to provide breathable comfort as well as safety during training sessions. The convenient thumb ring/strap provides ease of use and a secure fit. Whether you are working out with gloves or hitting heavy bags, Muay Thai hand wraps are a must for all types of training. As a fighter, your hands are among the most important tools that you have. By protecting them with our quality hand wraps, you can reduce the chance for injuries that might lead to downtime from training.

In Muay Thai, as well as with other forms of combat fighting, you are continually using your hands to hit heavy bags, pads, mitts, and even opponents. Without proper protection, your hands can easily become injured. By properly wrapping your hands, you can ensure that your fingers, wrists, and knuckles are fully protected, allowing you to improve your training techniques, increase your punching power and your physical endurance.