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Muay Thai Groin Protection

Muay Thai can be an intensive combat sport. In such an intensive sport, sensitive areas of the body are at serious risk of injury. The best way to protect against such injuries is with Muay Thai groin protection gear. We are pleased to provide you with the highest quality Muay Thai groin protection.

Featuring high quality construction, our groin protection will ensure that the most vital and sensitive area of your body is not at risk for being injured due to strikes or kicks. Groin kicks are not allowed in the sport of Muay Thai, but this does not mean that an accidental kick could not occur at any time. Groin protection ensures that you have the protection you need in the event that you do receive an accidental strike to the groin area.

Muay Thai groin protection gear is designed differently than other athletic cups or groin protectors used in other types of martial arts or combat sports. Featuring a triangular cup shape, the Muay Thai groin protection is often covered with a comfortable fabric and features three laces that are used for securing the protection. In some instances, the laces can be removed so that the groin protection cup can be used with additional protection, such as with compression shorts. A groin protection cup can be used in training as well as during competition.

Female Muay Thai groin protection is also available to protect female fighters from injury, as well. Featuring a different shape, groin protection for women often includes padding to ensure that the lower part of the body is protected. Unlike male groin protection, female groin protection does not include a steel interior cup.

Size is important when choosing Muay Thai groin protection. We are pleased to provide a variety of sizes.