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Muay Thai Gear

Practice in the gym or at home with our quality Muay Thai bags. Ideal for times when you need to practice your heavy punching and kicking, these Muay Thai heavy bags are a must-have for your training routine. The durable construction of these bags ensures that they will hold up well. Keep your workout clothes and gear protected and easily organized while on the way to and from the gym with our Muay Thai gym bags. Ensure that you avoid potential injury while training with our Muay Thai ankle supports. The slide on design ensures that you never have to waste time while preparing to train. Our high quality Muay Thai mitts are ideal for helping you to gain speed and coordination and improving your punches.

The lightweight design of our Muay Thai focus mitts ensures they are easy to use as well as durable. Body protection is essential Muay Thai gear for practitioners of all levels. We offer a variety of different types of body protection, including chest protectors for women.

Muay Thai can be an intensive sport. Our line of Muay Thai groin protection ensures that the most sensitive parts of the body are protected from kicks and punches. Constructed of high quality materials, our Muay Thai belly protection is a must-have to ensure that instructors are completely safe from injury when taking punches from trainees in the gym.