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Muay Thai Focus Mitts

While focus mitts and Thai pads are sometimes confused as being the same thing, they are actually quite different and are used in different manners. Muay Thai focus mitts are a type of padded target that are used to help Muay Thai fighters practice their techniques and skills.

Compared to pads, focus mitts are much smaller in size. In addition, focus mitts are also less heavy than pads. The oval shapes of focus mitts are designed to cover the hands and the fingers. Slipped on like gloves between the fingers, focus mitts are strapped onto the hands. It is imperative to ensure that focus mitts are fed into punches to ensure that balance is maintained and injury is prevented to both parties. Focus mitts should only be used for punches.

We are pleased to provide a line of quality Muay Thai focus mitts to assist you with your training needs. When you add these mitts to your equipment, you gain the ability to improve hand speed, punching power, punch conditioning combinations, counter-punching, and defense. In addition, focus mitts are also a great way to practice your elbow strikes. By helping you to improve your timing and distance, focus mitts give you the ability to improve your overall technique so that you are able to perform better in the ring.

When you have these focus mitts as part of your training routine, you can focus on your training without worrying that you will cause injury to your partner. We offer a myriad of sizes and types of focus mitts to help you find just the right mitts for your needs. Constructed of high quality materials, our focus mitts are designed for durability and ease of use. When you need quality Muay Thai focus mitts, you can count on us.