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Muay Thai Fightwear

Just as is the case with any martial arts discipline Muay Thai requires proper dress and appearance. By adhering to proper dress and ensuring that you have the correct equipment and gear, you can be certain that you are properly protected in order to reduce your chances of injury while also demonstrating your respect for this centuries' old combat sport. Most dojos require that you wear a full uniform at all times. In Muay Thai, a full uniform is typically comprised of a Muay Thai t-shirt and shorts as well as hand wraps, shin guards, ankle wraps, and a sash or belt that indicates your current ranking. Athletic or groin cups are typically recommended for men while women are often advised to wear a chest protector. Hand wraps are also typically used.

Among the most important elements of your Muay Thai equipment is your gloves. We carry an extensive array of gloves, including sparring gloves, boxing gloves, and bag gloves. In addition, you will find a broad selection of various types of protective gear among our inventory to ensure that you are safe from injury while practicing and training in Muay Thai.

Muay Thai can be an excellent way to improve your physical endurance, mental clarity, and increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. We invite you to browse our expansive array of Muay Thai fightwear. Beginners as well as more experienced practitioners will find everything they need to advance their skills.