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Muay Thai Belly Protection

It is not uncommon to sustain injuries while training in Muay Thai due to the intensive nature of this combat sport. There are steps you can take to protect yourself from injury while training. One of those steps is to ensure that you have the right protective gear. We are pleased to provide you with an extensive line of protective gear.

Muay Thai belly protection is used by trainers to ensure they do not become injured accidentally when pad training is performed or during full contact training with a fighter. The goal of the belly pad is to absorb knee strikes, punches, and front kicks. With its spacious size, the belly pad is used to cover the entirety of the stomach.

Our Muay Thai belly protection is constructed of the highest quality materials. Featuring strong, but lightweight padding, this gear makes it possible for trainers to take punches and strikes without the fear of injury. The lightweight nature of this gear also makes it possible to move quickly without feeling weighed down.

In choosing the right belly protection for your needs, it is important to ensure that you choose gear constructed of quality foam padding. We provide a variety of sizes to ensure you find the belly pad that will fit perfectly and provide you with maximum protection. An adjustable belt is often used to customize the fit of the belly pad so that you do not have to worry that the pad will slip during training, leaving you vulnerable to injury.

When you need to practice with a fighter and help him or her to develop more powerful punches and kicks, our Muay Thai belly protection can assist you in doing that without incurring injuries. Browse our inventory to find just the right protective gear.