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Muay Thai Bag Gloves

Working out with a live opponent simply is not always practical or possible. When that is the case, adding bag training to your routine is a great way to build your endurance and practice your moves. Even so, it is important to ensure that your hands are fully protected from injuries you might incur while doing bag work. Our full line of Muay Thai bag gloves are a great way to keep your hands protected and still get in the training time that you need to improve your skills and stay sharp for the ring.

Constructed of high quality materials, our bag gloves are designed to take a pounding and still keep your hands completely protected. Whether you are working out with a bag or a pad, these durable gloves will hold up to even the most intensive training.

Offering a comfortable fit, our Muay Thai bag gloves provide a lightweight fit that will assist you in gaining speed and agility as you progress through your regular training routines. These gloves feature just the right amount of padding for full protection without holding you back from perfecting your moves. Thanks to their unique design, these gloves also provide you with sufficient wrist support. With their standard open-thumb design, these gloves are ideal for  all levels of Muay Thai training. The hook and loop closures give you a close fit that ensures they will not shift around during training. From beginners to more experienced fighters, these bag gloves will help you to take your Muay Thai training to the next level.

Choose from different size options to find the gloves that are the best fit for your needs. We are proud to carry the highest quality Muay Thai training products, including our exclusive line of glove bags.