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Muay Thai Arm Bands

Muay Thai arm bands are a time-honored part of the Muay Thai culture and tradition. Traditionally, these arm bands were constructed of scraps of fabric torn from a mother's surong and then braided into an arm band. The arm bands would then be presented to the fighter before he headed off to battle or stepped into the ring in order to provide him with good luck and protection. Also known as Prajioud, Muay Thai arm bands are still an important part of the Muay Thai culture. We are pleased to provide you with a wide selection of beautifully crafted Muay Thai arm bands.

Traditionally, there is not a ranking system associated with Muay Thai in the way that there is with other martial arts, such as karate or Jiu Jitsu. In some camps and gyms, ranking systems have now been instituted to represent the skill and progression that a fighter has attained. As is the case with other forms of martial arts, white arm bands typically represent a novice fighter. Fighters will then move up through the ranks and receive different color arms bands based on the skills and progression they have achieved. Black is considered one of the highest levels that a fighter can attain and represents the instructor's level. There are also other, higher levels that can be achieved. The highest level is the black and silver level. Muay Thai arm bands are worn as pairs and are fitted around the fighter's upper arms.

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