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MMA Thai Pads

MMA Thai pads are specially designed to protect the user from all kinds of injuries that may occur during a practice session or training. Since it is a combative sport involving throws, punches, kicks and other fight moves chances of injury is always there. The lower limbs – legs, thighs, shins and feet are especially vulnerable to attack and it makes sense to invest in additional protection for them. Thigh protectors like the Windy Extended Thai Pads are made from genuine leather and offer great cushion to absorb all kinds of kicks and knee throws. They also have a buckle closure along with double hook and looped wrist straps that offers a better grip and fit.

Another popular product among the MMA Thai pads is the Windy Thigh Protector which has a full 2" foam core padding to protect the user from all kinds of kicks, no matter how hard or sudden they are. MMASTOP offers a one-size-fits-all product which makes it easy to choose and buy. They are hand made in Thailand and have an ergonomically curved design in the front and over the outside part of the thigh. This means a comprehensive and better protection for the user during all this training sessions. Then there are versatile Fairtex Standard Muay Thai Pads which have four layers of shock-density foam. They also have form fitted handle to give the user better control of the gear.

Some of the other popular products in this series are the Reevo RXR Pro Curved Thai Pads and the various options in the Bad Boy Pro Series. All MMA Thai pads from MMASTOP come with the assurance of high quality and durability. You will also have superior models like the Ikusa Thai Pads Black which have custom engineered inserts for optimum protection of the forearm as well. They are extra thick and have a high-impact inner core which ensures high end shock absorption. Their durability is combined with shape retention features which offer every user more value for their money.