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MMA Pads & Mitts

Why Every Athlete Should Invest in MMA Training Pads

Competing in mixed martial arts requires rigorous training and tremendous dedication. One of the most important components of becoming a skilled MMA athlete is training with the proper equipment. By far, the most important investment you can make is high quality MMA training pads. While they are small and seem pretty basic, training pads can do amazing things for your body and for your mental acuity during a fight. Here are some of the amazing benefits you will enjoy from this simple piece of equipment.

First, MMA training pads are small and very portable. You can carry them in a duffle bag or haul them around in your car. They are not too heavy so you can easily transport them back and forth to the gym or use them at home in your basement. While you can’t pick up the fighting ring and bring it home after a workout, you can grab your training pads and use them at home to practice the routines your trainer is covering during your workouts.

Second, training pads help you develop better hitting skills. When athletes first start training in mixed martial arts, the pads are often the most important piece of equipment. Small focus pads help you learn to punch properly and with the correct amount of force. Because these training pads are small, they help you improve accuracy so you can land a strike in the exact place where it will be most effective at taking down an opponent. Because the pads can be quickly moved to different areas, they help you learn different punch combinations.

MMA training pads are the perfect way to supplement heavy bag training. While heavy bag training is important, it provides a lot of heavy resistance that can be draining to the rookie MMA fighter. Training pads are the perfect option to keep practicing without the heavy resistance that can lead to injury with overtraining. Repeated workouts with the training pads allow you to increase your power without jeopardizing your joints or causing tissue damage. Many MMA fighters focus on heavy bag training alternated with focus pads to give the body the proper active recovery it needs to continue building strength and reaching new goals.

Finally, MMA training pads allow the benefit of mastering the psychology of MMA fighting. Even experienced athletes can feel some anxiety about being hit during that first fight. Training pads provide the opportunity for you to get comfortable with the idea of punching an opponent and taking a hit. It will also help inexperienced fighters learn proper blocking techniques. Above all, the process of training with pads makes the fighter feel at ease and removes the tendency to freeze up or panic in combat.

As you can see, MMA training pads provide a vital tool for athletes to improve their fighting skills. Whether you need an option for active recovery days or you simply want to overcome the psychological impact of mixed martial arts combat, invest in a good set of MMA training pads and you will enjoy the benefits in your training routine.