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MMA Headgear

Why You Should Never Compete Without MMA Head Gear

In mixed martial arts, blows to the head are fairly commonplace.  This is one of the biggest reasons why it is hugely important to purchase an MMA head gear before you get started in the sport.  Although the decision to wear one or not is totally optional I would recommend that you wear one at all times while in the ring.  There is no reason to allow a blow to the head to cause you any undue trauma when you can avoid it simply by wearing an MMA head guard. 

Three of the top brands of MMA head guards are Hayabusa Fightwear, Warrior and Bad Boy.  All three of these brands have a reliable support system for your head and you can rest easy knowing that you are doing all you can to protect yourself and your head from the blows you will be receiving.  

Honestly which type of head guard you choose is really just up to personal preference.  I am going to tell you a bit about each of these three and you are then free to make your own decision.  This is just a bit of information about each that might help to make your decision a bit easier for you based on what it is you are most looking for. 

The Bad Boy model offers full face protection made of a leather material.  It has an inner lining that helps to keep the head gear secure so that it won’t move around as you are fighting.  This is an important feature because if your head gear slips at all during your match you will not be totally protected from your opponents blows.  You may also like it because the Bad Boy logo is printed right across the front of this head gear and it may help you to feel a bit more confident than you might be. 

The Warrier International head guard offers full face protection while also providing extra coverage for cheeks, chin, ears and forehead.  This model offers a lot of comfort as well with extra foam on the inside.  The outside material is leather so this is a really well made product.  The black and white colors can help you to stand out among the rest and this is the reason why a lot of folks like the Warrier Internation head guard the best.  Everyone wants to look their best and stand out above other people and this head gear allows you to do just that. 

The most visually appealing MMA head gear however is the Hayabusa Fightwear head gear.  This type of head guard has an opening in the top for maximum ventilation. Ventilation may not seem so important to you now but trust me once you get into a match and it starts to heat up you will be thankful for this little extra.  This head guard offers the most protection of any of the other MMA head guards and therefore is my pick for the best of the three listed in this article.