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Another great thing about the Sprawl Fusion S Fight Shorts is that they are blood and sweat proof.  Hopefully you won’t need the blood proof aspect of the shorts but you most certainly will need the sweat proof if you get into MMA as you should. Another great MMA gear product you should have is the RVCA T-shirts.  As you probably already know, most MMA t-shirts have lots of graphic designs on them, not these. The RVCA t-shirts are quality made shirts that have been created to let you shine and have taken their own path when it comes to graphic design.  They are one of the most popular brands among MMA contenders. 

The Century USC official fight gloves are among the best when it comes to protecting your hands. I recommend using MMA hand wraps with these gloves so that you can achieve optimal fit. The best MMA mouth guard on the market these day are the Brain Pad mouth guards.  These mouth guards stand out above all the other mouth guards because they not only are comfortable but they also have a breathing channel that helps you to breath more easily during your fights.  Nothing is more important than your mouth guard so you want to have only the best that is available to you.

The best MMA shin guards on the market today are the Combat Sports Gel Shock Grappling Shin-Instep guards.  The great thing about these particular shin guards is that they will not move when you don’t want them to.  They have a gel lined padding as well as a neoprene support for your entire leg that many other shin guards do not have. If a rash guard is something you are interested in then you should purchase Everlast Compress X.  These affordable rash guards are some of the best because they are sweat proof AND they are less expensive than other brands.  They can also be worn under anything and are therefore very versatile. Hopefully this article has at least given you some of the top brand ideas when it comes to MMA gear so that you can get started performing at your best. Keep in mind, you may pay more out of pocket.