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Some of the most used weapons in karate are the Throwing Stars, the Karate Swords, the Karate Kicks and the Karate Knives. These make up for the various skillsets that each karate professional perfects and add to their talent, though they don’t have to perfect their hand at all of these. Most of the time, each player chooses one or two of the said weapons and hone their respective skills. It is the same age old concept that stresses on being ‘the master of one’ but when it comes to karate one often sees professionals perfecting their hand in more than one.

As one of the most popular karate weapons, the throwing star deserves more details. Also known as the shuriken throwing blade these weapons are known for their intricate deliveries and special ninja effects that can make or break a fight. They come in either star-shaped designs or as spike-shaped designs, both of which can equally lethal when thrown with the accurate skill and precision. The kicks are essential part of karate and to make these even more effective and precise one needs aid in the form of the karate kicks pads and shields.

Then there are the swords that have been part of the karate discipline from the very beginning. These come in various styles and makes offering various kinds of advantages for the user. One can opt for the Japanese sword, the Kendo practice sword, the tai chi sword or the kungfu broadsword depending on what kind of martial arts one is specializing in eventually. These and many other weapons for karate are available here at MMASTOP, one of the largest selections of karate gear and weapons online, all at incredibly unbeatable prices.