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Karate Training Equipment

The key to be a good Karate player is good training and hours and hours of practice. Even then the training can’t be effective or enjoyable without the help of the right karate training equipment. These are as important for effective training and great performance as they are for ensuring complete protection for the combatants. Some are meant to provide a cushion for the player, some are meant to aid in their moves while others are simply there to make the entire fight fair and balanced. Even the different kinds of weapons make an important part of the entire equipment series for this discipline.

The training equipment for karate practice or performance fall under the traditional and modern categories, depending on what kind of training or level one is in. Some of the typical items in this series include:

•          Blockers

•          Leg stretchers

•          Shields needed for karate kicking

•          Stop watch for the purpose of sparring

•          Targets meant for punching

•          Different types of punching bags like free standing ones or hanging ones of both light and heavy weight

•          Training and the bag gloves

•          Speed or light bags

•          Battle sticks

•          Resistance bands

•          Re-breakable and wooden breakable boards

•          Focus Master

•          Fitness balls

•          Training mats

•          Jump ropes

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