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Karate Swords

Almost all martial art forms use different types of weapons as a part of their combat techniques. In the ancient times the karate weapons were made from iron and Karatekas used to combat with real opponents with these swords. However, when these real karate swords were outlawed, the Karatekas started using swords made from bamboo or wood. The Karate sword Shinai, made from bamboo, is the one that is popularly used in events and practices. The wooden karate sword is called Bokken which is also used by professionals. Another type of sword that is used by combatants at times is called Tonfa which is used in pairs and comes with large handles. 

All these karate swords are used both in practice and during major events. The Karateka who specializes with these swords are full-fledged professionals as it takes quite a lot of hard work and practice to use these weapons in a real combat. The wooden swords or Bokken are made from black cord covered in Bokken daito wood. The handles are wrapped with cord for heavy use. Shinai is made from bamboo and they are very lightweight in order to facilitate the combatant while sparring. At international events like The Olympics, wooden swords or Bokken as well as Shinai are used in the Karate events.

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