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Karate Nunchucks

MMA Stop is one of the most reliable sports gear suppliers in the country. With more than a dozen sports brands in stock, the store makes sure that you find every sports related thing in one place. The Karate nunchucks come in various colors including blue, yellows, brown, black and grey. Pick any color you want and fight with style! The nunchucks handles are designed with a solid rubber formation that allows you to easily grip them.

The nunchucks come with a 12 inch handle that gives you substantial length to carry the equipment during the game. The handle also allows you to strongly grip your nunchucks so you can avoid out-of-control swings and misfires. The Karate nunchucks are available in different designs such as elite foam rubber red grip, Revgear padded foam with nylon material, chord octagon style and elite octagonal chain nunchucks. These offer you complete fighting flexibility during the game. To keep the equipment safe, the store also offers a Karate nunchucks case that is designed with thick padding. The padding keeps the equipment protected at all times.

The nunchucks can also be bought in packs. The most commonly sold pack is the 10 nunchuck pack. Order online and have your product delivered right away with our quick delivery networks. If the purchased product fails to deliver according to your expectations, we will make sure that you get your money back. However, we never compromise on quality and give you a 100% guarantee that our products will never disappoint you.