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Karate Knee Pads

The Combat Sports Advanced IMF Tech Striking Knee Pads comprise of two durable and sturdy kneepads that are perfect for wearing during your Karate practice. These are fashioned using the advanced molded foam technique and technology. It has a striking neoprene base with leather pads on the front. They weigh around 8 ounces, have a great fitting and are very long lasting and lightweight.

The Shock Doctor Shock Skin Knee Elbow Guard Medium features a pair of durable kneepads that have a 5mm shock skin and a very sturdy grip as neoprene is used to fashion these pads. The extra padding in the pads provides extra comfort and durability to these pads. An 8mm thick padding of foam has been added in the knee area, so that it absorbs shocks, helping you stay safe from injuries. The Shock Doctor Knee Support with Dual Hinges is made from fine quality N-TexTM fabric that helps it in absorbing all the moisture from your skin. It has great and sturdy X-Fit straps that allow you to fix the pads on your knees easily. With the help of the knee braces, you can fix them perfectly. The conical pad on the knee is made according to the shape of your knee.

The Shock Doctor Shock Skin Forearm Guard is made from long lasting neoprene that makes it very robust. With the help of the extra padding, you stay relaxed during your training session. The foam beneath the knees absorbs shocks, keeping you safe from any type of injury. The Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support with Bilateral Hinges are perfect knee pads for your Karate practice. The N-TexTM material provides you with comfort and the finger tabs on the pads help you in adjusting them easily on your knees. They are made using a blend of mesh, neoprene and Lycra that will safeguard your knees against al injuries.

The Revgear Knee Pad Pair consists of two knee pads made from durable material and have extra foam beneath the knee area that provides you with maximum comfort. The Revgear High Gear Shin/ Knee pad comprises of two long knee pads that will also cover your shins, protecting them against all injuries. The extra cushioning in the pads provides comfort to the LCL and MCL ligaments. These pads are both, durable and lightweight.