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Karate Groin Protection

The karate cups are used for protecting the groin area of men who practice karate or are learning. Since it is one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of the body, the Karateka needs to protect it with proper karate gear. If one wants to avoid serious injury they need these cups which come with pads and linings that can withstand kicks and punches with ease. These protection cups are designed in such a way that they stay in place and offer complete protection at all time, no matter how long or intense a fight gets.

They form an essential part of the male karate gear and are available in different styles. While you can get just the cup with supporting straps to wear, you can also choose from compression shorts fitted with the cup inside but the karate cups in the form of briefs are more of a popular choice. These MMA cups are made from high quality plastic lined with foam and have vinyl cover. The short style cups come with easy ventilated mesh panel and four way stretch materials to offer maximum comfort and support during a fight.

What was once just a support piece is now a necessity that also need to look and feel good. Now the major sports brands are producing stylish and well designed karate cups that can be worn inside and even outside the shorts. At MMASTOP we offer all these and more for all ages and gender through our wide range of products. You can expect high quality materials in a variety of styles and brands, all at very affordable choices.  The key focus of all products is optimum user safety so only products that come with the quality assurance seal are accepted and sold here. The prices are low and affordable which means that anyone who wants quality protection can get it.