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Karate Foot Guards

Protecting your feet from injuries or even any kind of bruising can make a great impact during a fight or practice. To make this possible you can opt for high quality karate foot guards from MMASTOP to be your partner in every sparring activity. These foot guards can protect you as not just from the kicks and blows from your opponents but also from slipping and falling by providing excellent traction at all times. Despite their protective features, the modern day footwear is lightweight and comfortable which cushion the feet and ankle well and help one in delivering the kicks more effectively.

Most karate schools stress on the use of foot guards in karate fights or sparring so that disciples can learn the importance of gear from day one. Both foam and vinyl made foot guards are used for this purpose, so that they may not only match with the requirements of the player but decrease the risk of injury by a large percentage. The features of a high quality foot guard are: Lightweight Vinyl dipped foam foot protector comes with the impact absorbing EPA which are usually made of PU artificial leather. Firm and flexible fitting with the non-skid fabric. Double layer boot with Individual toe fitting. Padded with the solid injection molded polyurethane foam, Ventilation for total comfort, Available with quick drying anti slip fabric, Sturdy vinyl foam protection and Toe elastic available with neoprene cover.

These boots are available in a variety of shades and sizes for players of different age groups. With the high quality karate foot guards offered by MMASTOP, you can develop your capability of anticipating and deflecting opponents’ moves more effectively.