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Karate Chest Guards

When you are training and performing for a combat sport or sparring you need protection. Full body contact combat sports bring on severe injuries to the combatant and that is why protection gears are crucial. In karate there is a lot of chance for getting hit on your chest which may injure your ribs or bruise your abdomen. So safe guarding your chest becomes essential while you are performing this discipline. Karate chest guards are specially designed for the sport and prevent fatal injuries for the Karateka. The material used in manufacturing these chest guards ensure completely safety of the ribs and delicate tissues around the upper abdomen of the combatant.

Chest guards for karate players are available for both men and women Karateka and they differ in shape and sizes, per gender. The ones made for women come complete with a chest piece made out of plastic and a sports bra that fits the female body perfectly. The men’s chest guards usually come in vinyl which is covered with high density foam that protects the upper abdomen, chest, kidney area, shoulder and sternum. Most of the time these look like T shirt with extra protection and are fitted with straps for easy wear and easy removal. Whatever be the style and design you choose you will get complete body safety at all times.

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