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Karate Bo Staff

Karate is the most practiced sports activity in both kids and adults. MMA Stop understands your sports gear needs and offers products from highly reliable suppliers that include Fuji and Bad Boy. The store has the finest quality Karate bo staff gear that can be bought at a very reasonable price. The gear is great for Karate practitioners who like to have intense training sessions. You can purchase your bo staff with a vinyl bo and staff case that is available in an eye-catching, black and red combination.

The rubber bo is provided with a ¼ foam coating around a plastic tube. The foam coating allows for an easy and firm grip, which is not available in most other bo brands. The Karate staff is designed to allow easy swivel. Now you can focus on the game without worrying about the misfires. In addition, the Karate staff comes with foam, around the tube, to give you a strong grip. The staff is designed with various sections that allow for powerful strikes through the principle of centrifugal force. The Karate staff is the great tool for fighters who believe in winning.

The Karate bo staff gear comes in various types and designs such as straight hardwood bo, youth hardwood bo, white tapered bo, elite rubber foam staff, elite bo staff, elite tapered hardwood bo, 6 foot striped bamboo bo and hardwood black bo. If you find anything wrong with the bo or the staff, contact our customer care service and have a refund or exchange according to your need.