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Karate Belts

Karate belts are very important in the entire training process as well as continuing with the discipline. They signify one’s progress up the different levels of achievement and in the study of the art. Traditional theory states that there are 20 levels to achieve among which 10 are for the minor preparatory grades while the next 10 are for the major grades. The color of the belts shows a student’s rank and ability in the discipline. As one’s level of knowledge and skills improve he or she goes on to achieve further colors. Typically most karate schools use only 3 colors which are white, brown and black.

It is said that the belt colors gradually darken as one advance through the levels. At MMASTOP you will get these primary colors and more quite easily and that too at very affordable prices. They are available in all kinds of materials and sizes so that they can be a perfect match for the various waist sizes of students or professionals. These high quality belts for karate practitioners come in different width as well with well sewn ends extended lines of stitching for extra durability. One can choose from the wide range of styles as well which vary from solid colors to striped rank belts as well.

If you are looking for 100% cotton karate belts you will get that at MMASTOP too. These are strong and soft at the same time and once tied stay in place no matter how rough a fight gets. At the amazing prices offered you will get good looking and best quality products that showcase clean stitching all the way for smooth finish and no rough edges anywhere on the belt. When it is time to show off your progress, do so with belts that truly reflect your achievements.