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The key categories of karate gear include the karate sparring gear and special fight wear. The former includes many essential items like the shin and foot guards, special karate chest guards which are very important for participant protection. Then of course, there are these other items that one cannot do without like the floor mats and mat shoes, karate chops and pads. The fight wear brigade includes essentials like the karate uniforms, belts, cups and the karate body protectors which are very important and a must have for all. All these need to carefully kept and properly organized which means that they special karate gear bags are must haves too. One can also get special karate instructor uniforms in the exclusive fight wear sections which can be matched with whole team to maintain parity.

Clothing for karate participants includes essentials like karate pants and T-Shirts along with matching jackets all of which come in all various sizes. Other essentials include karate head gear and special karate boots that are designed to make this combat sport easy and comfortable for all it users. Special care and focus is given to the manufacturing process for all these products since combative and contact sports like these cannot have any flaw to distract or cause discomfort to the players. Gear comfort is important and therefore one should never compromise on true quality here. This means that even for items like the karate training equipment one should be very focused about the right purchase.

The various accessories for karate include a wide range of gifts and books on karate, DVDs and other supplies. One can also get special mementos and souvenirs like the various kinds of karate weapons, throwing stars, swords, knives and karate kicks. They are as popular as keepsakes as they are gifts, equally treasured by all who love this enduring sport. In each case, whether it is a uniform, the protective body guards or an accessory, quality is of utmost importance.  For a lofty sport like karate you cannot have it any other way which is why going with a brand that promises all these and more is the best way to proceed.