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Judo Socks

Like all other parts of clothing, the judo socks make an important of the entire judo gear. They are available in a wide range of makes and styles and in materials that span from cotton and acrylic to polyester and polyurethane. No matter what kind you choose, you will only get the most durable and quality product here at MMASTOP. Some also come as a blend of cotton with polyamide and lycra which gives them extra strength and better grip for users. One can choose from the range of branded socks or opt for a pair from the wide expanse of generic products all of which come with the best quality seal.

The special make and finish of these socks for judo professionals are not just soft and comfortable but also super hygienic. They come in special breathable materials that allow for healthy air circulation and prevent discomfort from sweating and pinching. The soft heel technology ensures that there are layered fabrics which will protect the heel from damage in a fight and yet offer intense comfort for the user. These combine to keep these socks odor free and hygienic allowing the users to wear them throughout the day even after a heavy practice session.

The specialty of the judo socks offered by MMASTOP is that their ergonomic design fits every user perfectly. But more than that the use of high quality materials ensures that the user’s feet remains cool in summers and quite warm in winters since they are extremely weather adaptive. The have special elastic calf which helps decrease feet fatigue by improving blood circulation. It also helps keep the socks in place even in active workouts. The ergonomical design ensures that these will provide maximum strength and resistance for the user in a fight and offer optimum comfort and support round the clock.