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Judo Metal Lapel Badges

The circular enamel-made judo metal lapel badges make a great addition to the daily wear jackets of every professional judo player. These badges signify the gentleness of the discipline and also represent the ability of the professionals to redirect the energy of the attackers. They help balance the kicks and throws and deflect them successfully with a minimal amount of movement. They are typically considered a part of the judo accessories section but depending on the team or school you belong in, they could very well be an intrinsic part of the entire judo uniform. At MMASTOP, you can get all kinds ranging from the solid metal stamped logos to the full color printed metal badges.

The metal lapel badges for judo professionals that are offered by MMASTOP are perfect as both accessories and apparel wear and are sold with referee bags, referee blazers or other types of clothing. You can collect them and attach on your judo uniform with spring hooks or with the attached pins. They are popular and widely utilized by professional martial artists to enhance both their style and skills. You can choose from the wide array of designs available or opt for more customized versions if you so need. The easy and user-friendly process at MMASTOP will help you get personalized lapel badges as per your specifications in no time at all.

Pick your own lapel badge and then choose the fittings from the simple pin or the butterfly clasp through the magnetic catches. Here you will get everything from an exact finish to the most affordable rates. Once thought a luxury, these judo metal lapel badges have now become an important accessory to complete the judo outfit. They represent the focus and thought process of the participant as well as that of his team which in turn works as a combat statement for their opponents.