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Judo Mat Shoes

Judo mat shoes are specially created to provide the perfect grip and fit for all judo professionals. They are available in various sizes which can match users from all age and genders. They are typically made from special quality leather which is strong and soft at the same time and make for a comfortable fit. But there are also canvas shoes available for those who prefer the feel of cloth against their skin rather than leather. Besides, these make a great first training pair for the future judo enthusiasts. They are available in a range of styles and designs, from the best brands in sportswear – right here at MMASTOP.

The mat shoes for judo trainees have specially designed soles to ensure a better grip on the floor or the training mat. These soles can be made from rubber as well as cotton and have special design elements that not only secure one’s grip and provide excellent traction but also offer protection for the mat itself. Using generic shoes would be abrasive experience for the special mat that is an important part of the training and may need earlier than usual replacement. Take help of our robust customer and sales support system to identify the right pair for you.

These shoes are so well made that they can used for outdoor as well as indoor training. The durable materials keep them protected from intense workouts as well as from environmental damage. Despite their durable nature, these judo mat shoes are extremely lightweight and add to the user’s comfort one hundred percent. Most come with durable carrying bags as well and can be easily machine washed which means maintaining them is a breeze no matter how dirty they get. One can get shoes that are tied up and kept in place or opt for the more common slip on style that are comfortable and very easy to use.