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Judo Grappling Dummies

Grappling dummies are an integral part of judo training. They are used in training sessions, at school as well as at the home gyms when students have no sparring partners to practice with. These judo grappling dummies will they never get tired or complain and support the judo combatant as long as she/he wants to train. Professional judokas use grappling dummies to practice transition drills and throwing which means different skill levels can be performed and practiced with these easily. Judo incorporates special moves which are used to overcome opponents and these dummies provide good practice for all.

Practicing with the grappling dummies for judo moveshas many advantages. For freestyles one can practice different forms of drills and leg shots apart from kicks, holds, throws and punches. With the dummy, the judokas can practice harai goshi, ippon seoi nage and osoto gari and advanced techniques like tai otoshi, koshi guruma, tani otoshi and uchimata. The hands of these dummiesare bendable to give one more support during the training. Even kids who are training in the Judo discipline can use grappling dummies for their practice. In fact, they make a safer training session since unskilled partners can cause unnecessary harm.

Judo grappling dummies are available at various online stores and you will get some of the best quality products right here at MMASTOP. They are available in different sizes so one can choose the perfect size needed for an individual practice. Typically, they are made from original or artificial leather and can weigh up to 55 kilograms. While the former is usually chosen by professionals, the latter is a common choice for students and training schools. No matter what kind of material you choose, you can always expect the best quality product from MMASTOP and that too at the most affordable prices possible.