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Judo Gis

Judo uniforms are popularly known as the judo GI or judo Gee. Generally these uniforms are seen in white and black but these days one can increasingly see blue and other light colors making a foray into more and more training schools. Typically your school will have guidelines for you but if you are training for judo at home then you should know what color, material and weight would suit your perfectly. It is generally suggested that you buy a Judo GI that is equal to or below 355grams, but as one reaches the level of green belt the material changes to something that weighs 450 grams.

These are made from different materials at different levels or grades and are often accompanied by belts of different colors that specify one’s grade in the training. Generally beginners start with the white belt which are manufactured from the traditional grain cloth and then change to yellow, orange, green, blue and brown. As one goes up the skill levels both the color and material keep changing. The uniforms for judo professionals differ from the students chiefly in the use of these materials. The black belt is the highest grade in judo and in many countries, you will not get one if you have not crossed sixteen years of age. The black belt is received by the judoka who has passed the 10th dan in judo.

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