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Along with specialized clothing, users also need the high quality protection like judo training pacifiers and mouth guards. That is why the use of grappling dummies to practice effective grappling techniques is one common part of the entire gear for judo needs. Most are made from heavy duty nylon or in blended materials that come with natural strength to withstand a lot of pressure. Along with the strength they also offer immense flexibility that will teach one how to deliver perfect strikes and thrusts, pin down, choke or force the opponent to submit with a joint lock. Then there are the special judo floor mats that offer the perfect support and friction for the various participants to practice the complicated moves well. With this layered and foamed protection one can practice for hours without fear of any injury.

Just like the mats, one will also need the right judo mat shoes for an effective practice session. These shoes have a dual role, they are meant to be strong and flexible for the user so that they can practice all kinds of kicks and thrusts well and deliver effective blows. At the same time they need to have counter damage features that will protect the user’s feet and also the practice mat on which one is training. Specialized materials ensure both these features and offer optimum value for money. But your judo gear will be incomplete without the right judo bags & holdalls to carry all the essential items that you have gathered for your training. At MMASTOP, you will get the best quality and spacious bags from the best brands in the industry.