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Judo Footwear

Believe it or not, it is often seen how participants can lose because their judo gear has remained incomplete. One of the most common mistakes in this case is wearing improper shoes during training or a tournament. If you think any sports shoes will do for judo then you are sorely mistaken because these generic shoes cannot deliver the value and support that specialized judo footwear can. What you need are comfortable yet sturdy footwear that will help you perform well and keep you safe even in a tough combat. They ensure better traction and grip for the user and help them gain a better edge over the opponent.

At MMASTOP, you will get complete range of footwear for judo practitioners. These are available in various sizes so they fit young and adult wearers alike. The special rubber soles offer the wearer maximum grip, high performance and traction. Some also have vulcanized soles with durable canvas or suede upper which are designed to enhance the performance of the user. A quick look at the key features will show why these shoes are so essential in judo training. Mesh polyester material, Vulcanized construction, Denim texture upper, Anti slip, Padded sole remains flexible during the high-kicks and the board feel.

Maintaining judo footwear is easy and they last for a very long time which means real value for money. However, one has to keep in mind that they are meant for indoor use only. Wearing them outside will damage the special soles way before their time. They are suitable for both training as well as tournaments since they are designed to provide the user with maximum traction in a fight. If you want to have that extra edge over your opponent, then get the right footwear to help you.