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Judo Floor Mats

Knowing the ways to fall properly is one of the key things to learn in Judo, therefore choosing the right type of judo floor mats is quite important. The officially approved mats provide utmost protection and lessen the risk of injuries. So, if you are a judo player or a trainer looking for the best quality mats, then your search is over with MMASTOP. Here you will get a complete selection of mats that are suitable for every level of Judo training and performance. They are an important part of the entire judo gear and are needed to make the training effective.

The key features of the floor mats for Judo offered by MMASTOP are: These are made of the 5cm high density foam that have superior shock absorption capacity, These are created in solid colors will not fade easily, Overall coverage with Velcro so no tape is required, Easy to assemble and easy to clean, Professional look with no need for reconditioning, Outstanding durability which offers great performance and These mats are truly versatile which means they can be used in other sports too.

The base of these judo floor mats is constructed with heavy gauge cellular anti-slip rubber that offer more slip resistance than the latex based mats. The corners of these mats are welded to offer added split resistance. Moreover, these mats are finished with the heavy duty Tatami look pattern that offer a sense of tradition while providing a longer life. They are manufactured keeping the highest professional standards in consideration. Therefore, they include 14lb (230kg/m3) foam core that can absorb even he harshest falls and intense blows from heavy fights or workouts. The foremost job for the mats from MMASTOP is to ensure user safety, so they offer complete peace of mind. These fashionable and protective mats are a must to complete your judo kits.