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Judo Fightwear

The judo uniforms are the very first thing to consider in the choice of the right fightwear for judo. Most of these are made from 100% cotton fabrics but you can also get some which have a blend of both cotton and synthetic fibers to make them more malleable. The blended ones are easier to clean and maintain but cotton is still a popular choice since it allows the skin to breathe easily. They include special judo T-Shirts and pants that make up the basic gear. Next important items in the list are the judo belts, socks and jumpers that add to the user’s comfort. The right foot wear is also important, since there is need for sufficient traction both on the floor or mat as well as support for the body. Though less violent, Judo is still a heavy duty combat sport which means that gear needs to be very protective.

It also means that the uniform and clothing have to fit perfectly and stay in place no matter how intense a fight gets. That’s why the judo pants come in elastic waistbands as well as traditional drawstring styles, allowing different levels of comfort for different users. The colors of the judo belts and their ranks differ a bit from one country to another since the discipline has not only spread but has also witnessed regional customization along with it. A typical judo fightwear for schools however include these colors – white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black. These colors are usually related to the age of the student and subsequently their level of expertise.