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Judo Belts

Every professional has an array of judo belts which they proudly possess and show off. These are the testaments of their hard work, dedication and skill and indicate their ranking. Available in attractive and vibrant colors, these belts are can withstand the pressure of pulls and tugs quite easily and keep the uniform in place. At MMASTOP, one of the largest online retailers for judo gear, you will get the best quality judo apparels, accessories, equipment and the safety gear. This also means a wide range of belt which can be plain, embroidered or striped as they match with the different grading colors. The use of superior materials ensures that these belts last long, while in use and even while stored for years with other judo equipment.

Many training schools are in the lookout for a complete collection of cotton or silk belts for judo trainees who are being instructed by them. They not only make the perfect reward for completing a level and attaining a higher one, the high quality belt makes them stand apart from the rest. It’s an easy way to elevate the school’s brand and establish the higher class of performance. The superior nature is ensured by multiple rows of best quality stitching with sewn ends that ensure durability and double strength. These belts are so thick and comfortable that they can easily be tied into usual Judo style knots and yet look stylish at the same time.

Other key features of the judo belts available at MMASTOP are: Traditional looking belts, wrapping two times across the waist, Available in both 1 ¾” and 1 ½” width and 9 and 8 rows of stitching. They are available in various sizes to fit both children and the adults perfectly, enriching one’s achievement of completing a level and attaining new skills in the discipline.