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Jiu Jitsu Heavy Bags

Jiu Jitsu Heavy Bags are a product of MMA Stop, a renowned sportswear and fitness equipment supplier. The store offers various gym and fitness supplies from various well-known brands, so that the customers can shop for all they need from one place. The sturdy structure of the Heavy Bags provides long-term value to the body builders and gym owners.

The heavy bags are a great training instrument for martial artists; they can be easily used in gyms, self-training facilities and schools for Karate practice. Jiu Jitsu Heavy Bags are designed with pure leather material and inside hard filling that gives the bag a firm and solid structure. You can practice for as many hours as you want without worrying about the bag.

The bags are also a great tool for boxers, who like heavy punching practice. The thick metal stand holds the bags firmly in their place. No matter how hard the practice gets, the bags will not budge, allowing you to use your full punching capacity. Unlike other heavy bags or punching bags on the market, Jiu Jitsu Heavy Bags never wear out. The store offers various types of Revgear bags such as multi station bag rack, 12-set bag rack, Hangman heavy bag rack and Hangman heavy bag stand.

The fast shipping service of the store takes no longer than 24-48 hours. In addition to that, the store offers flexible exchange and return policies; if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can always exchange or return it to us.