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Jiu Jitsu Cups

Do you need Jiu Jitsu cups? Many new practitioners to Jiu Jitsu often wonder whether it is necessary to wear cups during training sessions. While the question of whether or not to wear a cup during training sessions is uniquely personal, there are actually many excellent reasons for wearing a cup, including the ability to provide necessary protection to delicate areas of the body. Individuals who are concerned about injuries that could interfere with future family plans may also wish to take advantage of the protection provided by Jiu Jitsu cups. In addition, cups help practitioners to avoid the pain that may occur during rolling and sparring movements. By avoiding such pain, it is possible to ensure that you give 100% to your performance.

If you have made the decision to wear a cup during matches or training, you will find that our line of Jiu Jitsu cups is designed to meet your specific needs. In addition, our Jiu Jitsu cups are designed to provide maximum comfort as well as the highest level of protection possible. With our cups, you can benefit from the confidence you need to dominate your next match.

Featuring a unique flexible design, our cups will give you the range of movement that you need for superior performance while still enjoying ample protection. Impact is absorbed and displaced with ease. Movements such as armbars and guard passes become more comfortable with our quality Jiu Jitsu cups. While you may not sustain a direct hit to the groin area often, as a new student or when you are working with students, the chances of such direct hits do increase. A misplaced foot or slip during a sweep or guard can be painful without a cup. With our cups, you can play it safe and ensure you are completely protected.

When you want to guard delicate parts of the anatomy, you can count on our Jiu Jitsu cups to provide the level of protection that you desire.