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Escrima Sticks

MMA Stop is known for its high quality, durable fight gear and sportswear items that offer more value, at less price. Our brands include well-known sports gear providers such as Break Point, Revgear and Bad Boy. The store offers various types of Escrima sticks that you can choose from. The most common types include tiger skin, deluxe natural, Revgear economy padded, Doce Pares, deluxe kali and jute wrapped sticks.

The different designs of the Escrima sticks, such as tiger skin, wax burnt and wooden, give the sticks a unique look. In addition, the clear finish of the sticks allows them to stay in their original shape for years to come. The sticks are designed with 26 inch length and a 1 inch diameter to allow an easy and strong grip (for better handling.) However, not all the sticks are available with the same diameter or length. The 100% pure wood used in the creation of the sticks offers smooth, polished surfaces that not only aesthetically looks good, but also offer great grasp and control to the player.

The sticks are incredibly lightweight, which allows you to combat easily. Our quick delivery networks deliver products in minimum time. We will never keep you waiting, no matter where you live. Our customer service department is always ready to answer any questions that you might have. In addition, if the sticks (or any other product for that matter) shows any sign of damage, we will provide you with a replacement. No questions asked!