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Boxing Mitts

When training for boxing, you will need certain types of protective equipment to help you as well as your instructor to stay safe, including boxing mitts. Our line of boxing mitts is constructed of the highest quality materials toensure your complete protection and satisfaction. Boxing mitts, also sometimes referred to as focus mitts, are a type of padded gloves that are specifically used for training. The trainer or instructor will hold the mitts in front of the fighter while giving instructions. Boxing mitts may be used to work on specific elements of the fighter’s game, including combination punching and defense. It is imperative for the instructor to ensure that the mitts are held in a proper manner. If the boxing mitts are held in too rigid of a manner, it can lead to the injury of the instructor.

Regardless of whether you are new to boxing or you are more experienced, combination training is an important element. Fighters must be able to throw punches in rapid succession in order to ensure his or her opponent is kept off guard. Training with quality boxing mitts can help a boxer to develop his or her ability to use combinations properly. For instance, the trainer can demonstrate to the fighter certain combination techniques, such as a jab, jab, hook combo. When the instructor holds up the boxing mitts, the fighter can then take advantage of the opportunity to practice that specific combination by calling out those punches in order. With continued practice, the boxer will be able to utilize those combos in quick succession.

When used properly, boxing mitts can provide a number of benefits, including the ability to correct a fighter’s technique. We invite you to browse our extensive line of boxing mitts to find the mitts that are right for your needs.