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Boxing Groin Protectors

While low blows are not technically allowed in boxing, that does not mean that an accidental strike to the groin might not occur. Even if it does not happen on a frequent basis, you still need to ensure that you have the right equipment to be protected in the most sensitive part of your anatomy. Boxing groin protectors can ensure you are protected for both intentional and stray punches. Boxing groin protectors and cups are often mandatory, but even when they are not officially required, it is still a good idea to wear them. In choosing groin protection for boxing, it is important to keep in mind that this equipment varies slightly from the equipment required for other sports.

The protectors used in boxing are typically constructed of lightweight, shock absorbing foam padding that surrounds a hard protective cup. You should be aware that the outer layers of a boxing groin protector may be constructed of different materials, including vinyl, synthetic leather, or even genuine leather. Padding is also typically present to protect your hips as well as your lower abdomen, kidneys, liver, and waist.

In choosing boxing groin protectors, you need to be certain that the protector you select is adjustable and able to fit you snugly and properly. The last thing you want to have happen is for the protector to slip while you are in a match. A quality protector should be capable of conforming to your hips, waist, and groin area. In addition, it should be water resistant and lightweight so that it does not impede your movement. You will also find boxing groin protectors in various shapes and colors. In addition, women’s groin protectors are also typically available. We are pleased to provide a variety of boxing groin protectors to ensure that you are completely protected when you step into the ring.