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Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are considered an essential piece of boxing equipment. Gloves actually serve two different purposes. In addition to protecting your hands, gloves are help to cushion the blows that are delivered by your opponent. The first boxing gloves, known as mufflers, are believed to have been invented by Jack Broughton in the 1700s. We are pleased to carry a variety of different boxing gloves and invite you to browse our selection to find the gloves that are right for your needs. Various types of boxing gloves include competition gloves, sparring or training gloves, and bag gloves. Each type of boxing glove serves a distinct purpose. For instance, sparring gloves are constructed different from bag gloves due to the fact that they are designed to protect the hands from coming into contact with your opponent. By comparison, bag gloves are designed to be less cumbersome because they are made specifically to provide your hands with protection when you are striking a heavy bag.

In choosing boxing gloves, you should also be aware that the type of gloves you wear during competition may depend upon your weight class. For example, heavier weight classes will wear heavier boxing gloves. If you are an amateur boxer, you may need specific amateur boxing gloves that feature a white colored section along the knuckles. This area is present because this is the area of the gloves that the boxer must use to strike his or her opponent. Our gloves are constructed of the highest quality material. Boxing gloves may be designed using vinyl, waterproof leather, or synthetic leather. In most instances, gloves come with cotton, foam, or some other type of padding. Hooks, straps, and laces are used to allow you to adjust the tightness of the fit and ensure your gloves are comfortable and snug.